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Klara in studio


I was born in the little town Jilemnice in the mountains of the Czech Republic, located in a beautiful region north east of Prague called Krkonose, where I spent my childhood years. From a young age, I trained as a dancer and a few years after the Velvet revolution of 1989, I was accepted to the Czech National Ballet Conservatory. However, after a physical injury my journey to become a professional ballet dancer was destined to take a different course where the dance turned within...


I moved to America at the age of 21 where I experienced a rebirth and saw the limitless possibilities of which I was not aware of living in the Czech Republic at that time. My eyes, mind and heart were opened although I could not express or share my feelings with the English speaking people around me. My English was good enough to communicate, but not enough to express my experience. The limitations of my language skills led me to start a journal to capture my feelings in writing. However, soon enough words became limits which lessened the reality I was experiencing. Symbols began to come through me as a non linguistic language that freed me to express and mirror the depth of my experiences. Soon I realised that this symbolic writing was becoming much more.


I had never studied art, been a painter nor had I been interested in painting as an art form. However, I felt an energy coming through me starting in the journal which then sparked the curiosity of what would happen if I followed the energy I was feeling intuitively and transferred it to paintings. So I began to play not knowing what I was doing. The painting process for me became a ritual of endless discovering; a journey of wonder and beauty. I could never plan nor pre-meditate my pieces and always let my intuition surprise me.


Today, my intention with painting is to create a body of work that resonates on high vibration frequencies. I believe that everything we do and say resonates throughout the universe and that everything has a cause and effect. Therefore, I care about the energy that I transmit and I am committed to keeping my personal vibration as high and as clean as possible. I believe that in order to enter into and transmit a higher state of consciousness one needs to be responsible and tune into finer frequencies through commitment to spiritual growth, self discipline, humility, clean lifestyle, meditation, etc, etc.


My art is a visual language that is a mirror of my spiritual experience and state of being; it is my meditation and inspiration. I wish to leave you with emotions and feelings that require no (mind) translation... a reminder of spirit and other dimensions and realms of existence. A remembrance of Love and our higher Hearts of which discern far beyond what the Mind is capable of interpreting. I invite you to let your eyes dance and join in this graceful journey of the symbolic flow beyond the ordinary; to surrender to the peaceful language of Presence that reveals a physical manifestation of Grace; to explore a chaotic yet harmonious oneness that becomes a window to another dimension where painting is another form of dance and another form of language.  


May your journey become a realization of Blessing and Unity.


Now and Always…


Klara Soukalova